The New Shot in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens International Teaser

Is it just us, or does the title Star Wars: The Force Awakens look really cool in Korean? The recently released Korean-teaser doesn’t reveal anything totally new, but it's cut differently from previous teasers, and, it does feature a single new shot right at the opening of the teaser that's worth a look. It's a moment from behind the man at the center of the stage in the below shot, so we get the view of the amassed stormtroopers, and a slightly closer look at the figure in the black cloak:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens..Ph: Film Frame..©Lucasfilm 2015

Not only do we get this new shot, but the teaser shows how seamlessly this franchise can transcend borders and languages, abiding by the notion that a great film could play wordlessly and still compel an audience. In these beats—the huge gathering of Stormtroopers, the silver, caped stormtrooper with the huge gun, a couple of Tie-fighters, a new lightsaber—all you need are at the visuals and the sound design to feel the power of the force. Spot anything new that we might have missed?

Featured image: Star Wars: The Force Awakens..Ph: Film Frame..©Lucasfilm 2015


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