The Joker Comes to Gotham

“The laugh is fabulous. Use that.” This comes from Theo Galavan (James Frain) as he gives some advice to a young, increasingly psychotic Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), who is sliding, gleefully, into the man he will become—the Joker.

Gotham is back for season 2, and at its best, the show has given the villains—all a lot more colorful than the good guys—free reign to run amok and wreak havoc on the city’s citizens. The aforementioned Theo Galvan himself seems to be some kind of super villain, one who likes to arrange for other villains to do much of his dirty work. Perhaps he’s a young Ra’s al Ghul, or perhaps he’s just yet another mastermind bad guy in Gotham’s endless supply of sociopaths.

As for the good guys, Commissioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is getting a major upgrade in the form of captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis). Chiklis can bring that gravitas he wielded so expertly in The Shield to help infuse the better angels of Gotham with some much needed energy and force.


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