New Deadpool Teaser is Hilarious

The new Deadpool trailer will finally be unveiled tomorrow night on Conan, but here’s the almost NSFW teaser released by 20th Century Fox. You really have to hand it to the studio, the star Ryan Reynolds, and the whole filmmaking team for sticking to their commitment to really going for an R-rated superhero film in which the titular anti-hero essentially mocks the whole notion of superheroes. In this teaser, Deadpool (Reynolds) manages to mock the whole notion of trailers, too. The opening voiceover is so over the top, and perfect.

It’s clear why fans at Comic-Con were so excited by the Deadpool panel—in a world where (pun intended) there are multiple, massive superhero franchises that all more or less take themselves pretty seriously, here comes a masked vigilante whose motives, methods, and mouth are all incredibly suspect or downright raunchy.

Here's the teaser, suitably R-rated, and definitely doing its' job—making you excited to the see the trailer it's shamelessly, effortlessly plugging.


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