Get to Know the New Bond Women of Spectre

In a new behind-the-scenes video about Spectre, the 24th James Bond film, we get to meet the latest in the franchise’s tough, resilient – and beautiful “Bond women.”  Director Sam Mendes shares his vision for the type of women to play against the character of James Bond, and why he selected Léa Seydoux (Blue Is the Warmest Color, Midnight in Paris and Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol) and Monica Bellucci (The Matrix Reloaded, The Passion of the Christ) as Spectre’s “Bond Girls.”

“In Spectre, both the women he [James Bond] hooks up with have great mystery. They both have depths.”

Monica Belluccia is Lucia Sciarra, a Mafioso widow who meets Bond shortly after her husband is murdered. Léa Seydoux plays Madeleine Swann, a doctor and the daughter of an assassin who comes into contact with Bond at her Austrian clinic.

We first meet Bellucci’s character at a funeral in what might be one of the most killer funeral outfits ever. While discussing her character, Lucia Sciarra, Bellucci reveals, "She's an Italian widow with secrets. Her first husband was killed and she risks the same thing happening to her."

In casting Sedydoux’s character, Mendes said, “Madeleine needed to be soulful, feisty and complicated. We needed someone with a certain amount of life experience, maturity and she’s [Léa Seydoux] the whole sort of the whole package really.”

Spectre is due to be released in November 6, 2015.