The Future of Movie Theaters: A Total Body Experience

First there was the Kinetoscope, and then there were silent movies. Fast forward through a hundred years of rich cinematic history, including a quick Trip to the Moon, a slight case of Vertigo and some ‘Jaw’ dropping sharks jumping off the screen and you’ll arrive in 2014, where new technology is working to change our movie going experience in mind-boggling ways.

Today, the practice of going out to the movies is so much more than sitting in a dimly lit auditorium munching popcorn (it should be noted, even popcorn at the movies has a fascinating history). Movie theaters have continued to change along with the medium they support. Since the 1930s, film shots have gone from a lavish 12 seconds to 2.5 seconds (perhaps tracking our attention span?) allowing viewers to stay entranced as their attention shifts from one shot to the next. And that’s not all — with enhanced lighting techniques, live tweeting, longer motion sequences, and ever more seamless CGI, capable of turning Bradley Cooper into the galaxy’s most infamous raccoon, these 21st century developments are turning movie magic into reality.

While the landscape of movie theaters nationwide is rapidly transforming, today’s film technology, sound systems and even seating options may soon be long gone. Who knows, where we’re headed we may not even need rows—of seats that is. (Am I right, Doc Brown fans?) Sit back, relax and check out our infographic of what you have to look forward to.