Celebrate The Other Oscar Nominees – You Know, The Ones Ryan Seacrest Likely Won’t Interview

Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director–these might be the most anticipated categories of the Oscars, but this year, let's celebrate the other half.  After all, the year's best films wouldn't stand a chance without the genius nominees in less-publicized realms like Production Design, Cinematography, Makeup/Hairstyle, Sound Editing, and Visual Effects.

Here at The Credits, we love all parts of film, which is why we created this infographic to celebrate the many industry icons who are making big waves (but perhaps not big red carpet debuts) at this year's 85th Academy Awards.

From the gorgeous gowns in Anna Karenina to  the incredible visual effects in Life of Pi–here are a few of the luminaries who put serious magic into this year's best films.


The Credits

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