An Evening With Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer on Creating SHFT

The MPAA speaks with actor/director/producer Adrian Grenier and producer Peter Glatzer on creating SHFT, their eco-conscious business that creates content in an effort to empower people to think, and act, on behalf of the environment.

Looking to change the popular narrative surrounding the environmental movement, Glatzer and Grenier co-founded SHFT in 2009. The multi-media platform, pronounced “shift,” distinguishes itself by going beyond the basic awareness and educational campaigns; instead, SHFT aims to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of our lives and ultimately make it a permanent part of our culture.

SHFT is kick-starting this process by creating and curating environmental conscious content such as films, articles, and design. In addition to SHFT’s original content, the website features an online store connects customers with over 300 eco-friendly vendors. This sustainable marketplace celebrates innovation and hopes to ultimately impact the direction of larger businesses. In essence, SHFT is shifting the way we experience sustainability, and hopefully, the direction the environment is currently heading.

Check out two of SHFT's videos, 'Ban the Bag' and 'Bionic Yarn,' and you'll see first hand what happens when creative people come together for a cause:


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