Charles H. Rivkin

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Gail Mackinnon

Senior Executive Vice President, Global Policy & Government Affairs

Emily A. Lenzner

Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Public Affairs

Urmila Venugopalan

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Global Operations

David England

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jan Van Voorn

Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection

Patrick Kilcur

Executive Vice President, U.S. Government Affairs

Mike Ellis

President and Managing Director, Motion Picture Association Asia-Pacific Region

Stan Mccoy

President and Managing Director, Motion Picture Association EMEA

Senior Staff

Anissa Brennan

Senior Vice President, Trade Policy & International Affairs

Neil Fried

Senior Vice President for Federal Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs

Marilyn Gordon

Senior Vice President of Advertising, Vice-Chairperson of the Classification and Rating Administration

Kelly McMahon

Senior Vice President and Chair, Classification and Rating Administration

Suzanne Nall

Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration

Ed Neubronner

Senior Vice President, Regional Operations, Communications, Corporate Affairs & Administration, Asia-Pacific

Wendy Noss

President, Motion Picture Association-Canada

Chris Ortman

Chief Spokesperson and Senior Vice President of Communications

Dan Robbins

Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Greg Saphier

Senior Vice President, External Affairs

Jane Saunders

Managing Director and Senior Vice President, Rights Management Policy

Ben Sheffner

Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Copyright & Legal Affairs

Vans Stevenson

Senior Vice President, State Government Affairs

Karen Thorland

Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Shanna Winters

Senior Vice President, Global Policy & International Affairs