Yahoo Teaming with FindAnyFilm to Make it Easier to Find Legitimate Content

December 11, 2013

When film lovers in the United Kingdom and Ireland use Yahoo’s Movie site to find out the latest news on an upcoming film, read a review of a movie that was just released or look up some information on an old favorite, they’ll notice a big change in what they see on their screens thanks to a new partnership between a tech giant and the movie industry. 

Yahoo Movies U.K. is teaming up with the online film search-engine, FindAnyFilm.com, to make it easier for users to find legitimate services for watching films – whether downloading or streaming online, or providing information on cinema showings and allowing them to easily buying tickets to the latest hits playing in theaters.

The Industry Trust for IP Awareness, originally in a partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI), created FindAnyFilm.com to serve as the UK’s most comprehensive film-watching search engine in order to show audiences where they can safely and legitimately find the movies they want in whatever format they want to watch it in – whether in the cinema; on Blu-ray, DVD, or TV; or available for download or streaming online.   The Industry Trust, created through a partnership of the movie studios, theater owners, home entertainment companies and other film organizations, now runs the site on its own.

Constantly updated with the most current information on where and how to view films (and the cost), FindAnyFilm lets users find the film they’re looking for – or get other suggestions through the site’s recommendation options – by typing in a film’s title or the names of its directors and actors, or keywords that help guide the user to a particular movie.  And for those still playing in theaters, the site provides a full list of movies available in the area by postal code and gives the option of buying tickets to the show.

This new development is the latest in a long line of successful efforts by the Industry Trust to educate viewers on the growing multitude of legitimate options that are available for viewing content today and to show them why the work of content creators needs to be respected. And we congratulate them for these steps on behalf of the creators and makers in the UK, the US and throughout the world.

While FindAnyFilm is only available in the UK and Ireland, here in the United States, the MPAA has developed a website — Where To Watch — which provides an array of more than 95 legitimate online sites for viewing movies and TV shows.  In addition to Where To Watch, companies throughout the country have created an ever growing number of search engines and apps to help viewers find legitimate content online including CanIStreamIt, Go Watch It, Fan.TV and Fayve among others.

These steps are part of the incredible growth of online viewing opportunities being made available through partnerships with technology companies and film and TV creators.   And this is only the beginning – in the coming months we anticipate a growing number of options throughout the sector designed to help people find the movies and television shows they want to see and learn about new, easily accessible viewing opportunities available on TV, tablets, smartphones and computers.

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