Vidcon, New Online Services, and a Few Other Updates at the Intersection of Content & Tech

August 3, 2015

The 6th Annual Vidcon conference took place late last month in Anaheim, CA, once again bringing the growing intersection between content and technology to the forefront. The conference focuses on the stars of YouTube, and features speakers from all areas of the online content industry. It’s one of the premier events where YouTube personalities get a chance to mingle with their fans, and industry professionals talk shop about the future of online content. Even our friends at Creative Future recently engaged in a contest where you could win a trip to this year’s conference. In that spirit, here are a few other exciting ways content creators are embracing some the newest and most promising technologies:

Continuing on the topic of online content, Verizon is looking to potentially launch their new online video service, Go90, this summer.  The aim is to create a mobile first app, featuring live and on-demand content. They are currently working on deals with content partners, and have announced relationships with Scripps, ESPN, DreamWorks, Vice, CBS Sports and AwesomenessTV with Viacom content also being distributed.

The NBA recently announced a plan to offer out-of-market games to fans for $6.99 per game. In addition to their traditional NBA League Pass offering, the $6.99 games gives fans the option to choose nightly which games that they might be most interested in.

Troy Carter, founder of the talent agency Atom Factory, recently announced a tech accelerator called SMASHD Labs. The focus will be on start-ups in the entertainment and culture space.

And lastly, Imageworks VFX supervisor Dan Kramer explains some of the challenges about bringing classic video game characters to life in Sony’s “Pixels.”