U.S. – India Trade Policy Forum Offers A Hopeful Commitment On Copyright Protection

November 3, 2016

Ambassador Michael Froman and other officials from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) recently met with officials at the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the 10th annual Trade Policy Forum. MPAA lauds this continued effort to augment bilateral trade and investment and, specifically, the ongoing work plan related to copyright.

India’s vibrant creative industries, and Bollywood in particular, are economic drivers. India’s film and television industry contributed USD $8.1 billion to the Indian economy in 2013 and supported 1.8 million jobs which includes exceptionally talented artists, technicians, directors and daily wageworkers whose livelihoods depend on the profitability of this industry.

Notwithstanding this success, there is much unfulfilled potential for the Indian industry, potential that would be bolstered by a strong legal and enforcement framework for copyright including legislation to criminalize the unauthorized camcording of films in theaters and effective enforcement against rampant online piracy.

MPAA is proud of its close working relationship with the Indian film and television industry. As creators, we share many of the same interests and objectives including building a vibrant film and television industry, a dynamic and legitimate online marketplace, and addressing content theft.

MPAA welcomes the work of the U.S. and Indian governments to promote copyright protection and enforcement. This work is essential to creators in both countries and we look forward to working with the U.S. and Indian governments to build on the important progress made this year.