Statement from Motion Picture Association Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin on USTR’s Notorious Markets and Special 301 Reports

April 29, 2020

WASHINGTON — The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) today released its Notorious Markets report, which identifies markets around the world that engage in and facilitate online piracy. USTR also today released its Special 301 Report, which is an annual review of the state of intellectual property rights protection and enforcement globally.

The following is a statement from Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association:

“The Motion Picture Association applauds Ambassador Lighthizer, the USTR staff, and their interagency partners for their commitment to protecting copyright and intellectual property, which are foundational to the U.S. economy. The film and television industry alone is responsible for more than 2.5 million jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity. The industry is highly competitive globally, generating a trade surplus of $9.4 billion and a positive trade balance with every major market.

“The Notorious Markets report rightfully puts a spotlight on online criminal enterprises that profit from the unauthorized distribution of film and television content and the threats of online piracy to not only creators, but also for consumers. This year’s report puts an important emphasis on the linkage between piracy and malware, which can be linked to identity theft and other nefarious schemes. In addition, USTR’s Special 301 report highlights the global nature of piracy and the challenges creators face around the world in protecting the integrity of their product. The MPA appreciates this Administration’s commitment to protecting creators from the harms of intellectual property theft, and for recognizing the Motion Picture Association and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment’s role in reducing IPTV piracy.

“These efforts are even more important now, at a time when film and television industry workers and businesses are feeling the impacts of COVID-19 and related closures. We look forward to continuing our work with USTR to promote creative industries at home and abroad.”

The full USTR’s Notorious Markets report is available here, and the USTR’s Special 301 Report is available here.


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