Rush of New Online Content Worldwide

May 24, 2013

Last week, we launched a new website, to help guide consumers to the vast array of movies and TV shows that they can easily and legally access online today. We also sought to draw attention to the tremendous growth in the availability of this online content and the wide range of sites that are out there.

Viewers will easily recognize some of the major services like iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. But were you aware of all the other services?  Services like search sites where you can put in the name of a movie or TV show and find exactly where it is available for viewing, rental or purchase online legally? Check out Matcha or Flixster or one of the other search sites to give it a try. Or services like direct content access sites being offered by the major motion picture studios? Check out Disney Video, Paramount Movies, TheWB.Com, Fox.Com, NBC Video, and Sony Entertainment Network/Unlimited Video. Or sites that specialize in independent and hard-to-find films?  Give Fandor a whirl, where their self-described “fanatical curators” have organized their library to make it easy to discover a movie you’ll love, be it a dysfunctional family comedy or an international film from Sudan (or over 80 other countries). As Fandor says: “you just might find a Japanese zombie sci-fi musical, even if you didn’t know you were looking for one.”

These are a sampling of only a few of the options available.  Nearly seventy of these services are available in the U.S.and listed on Not only are the number of sites growing rapidly in the United States, but the growth is happening worldwide spurred on by a significant expansion by multi-territorial services during the first quarter of 2013, including HBO Go, iTunes, and Google Play. Altogether, our researchers have found over 360 unique online services around the world offering legitimate full-length films and TV shows to consumers, including more than 50 multi-country services like iTunes and Netflix.

Click herefor a list of some of the more interesting new developments worldwide in the first quarter of this year. We plan to highlight new developments like these on an ongoing basis.