Production of Warner Bros.’ FOCUS in Louisiana Generated More Than $6 million to Local Workers, Paid Over $1.3 Million to Local Businesses

February 27, 2015

February 27, 2015

Production of Warner Bros.’ FOCUS in Louisiana Generated More Than $6 million to Local Workers, Paid Over $1.3 Million to Local Businesses

New Economic Figures for the Louisiana Production are Released as Film Opens Today in Theaters Nationwide

WASHINGTON, DC– Today, as Warner Bros.’ FOCUS opens in theaters nationwide, new economic impact figures reveal that the production filmed for 43 days in Louisiana and spent over $8.3 million on local labor, at in-state businesses, and on location costs. Over $6 million of the production costs were directly paid to local Louisiana workers hired for the film.

Throughout the shoot, the production worked with a number of local businesses, paying out over $500,000 on hotels, $410,000 on wardrobes, and $390,000 on construction materials. The film’s Louisiana shoot also spent more than $1 million on location costs.

Films like FOCUS, along with television productions, are the foundation of a flourishing motion picture industry in Louisiana. In fact, the latest MPAA state economic profile shows that the in-state industry supports close to 10,000 direct jobs, pays over $433 million in wages, and is home to over 830 production-related companies.

“As FOCUS enters theaters this weekend, it’s important to remember that its production, just like the many others that call Louisiana home, had a very real economic impact on local workers and businesses,” added Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

Key economic impact figures from FOCUS’s production in Louisiana:

  •  Spent more than $6 million on local labor
  •      Spent more than $1 million on local location costs
  •  Contributed to local businesses including: $500,000 on hotels, $410,000 on wardrobes, and $390,000 on construction materials

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