Production of HBO’s “Vinyl” hired more than 3,445 local workers and over 800 vendors in New York

April 27, 2016

WASHINGTON – The production of HBO’s “Vinyl” was a major boost to New York’s local workforce and business community, according to new economic figures from the studio. The production of the show’s pilot and first season hired over 3,445 workers in New York. The series also provided business for over 800 in-state vendors.

This substantial economic activity benefitted towns and regions outside of New York City. The production spent 16 days filming on Long Island and 10 days in Mid-Hudson.

MPAA Chairman and CEO Senator Chris Dodd stated, “The tremendous economic contributions from HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ exemplify the film and television industry’s strong record of creating job opportunities and driving investment in New York. We are grateful that Governor Cuomo and the New York Legislature continue to lead the way in supporting competitive economic policies that allow major productions to positively impact local communities throughout the entire state.”

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky said, “HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ took viewers back in time with its gritty portrayal of 1970s New York and during its production, boosted the bottom lines of businesses from the Hudson Valley to Long Island. From state-of-the-art production facilities to one-of-a-kind filming locations, New York State has ample resources to support major film and television productions like ‘Vinyl,’ which generated revenue for local economies and hired thousands of workers, becoming the latest production to make a significant contribution to New York’s flourishing film industry.”

“Major productions that film in New York like HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ are a great boost to the economy. They require an incredible amount of specialized costumes and clothing, and we are grateful to be a part of it,” said Maureen McGill of Daybreak Vintage Rentals, a costume rental house in Albany. “In particular, working with costumer designer John Dunn and his team for ‘Vinyl’ was a wonderful experience. John’s grasp of the details, of each period, make the work a pleasure.”

John Ford, President of Motion Picture Studio Mechanics Local 52, I.A.T.S.E., added, “The New York film community is built on the skill and ingenuity of crew members that work incredibly hard behind the scenes. HBO’s ‘Vinyl,’ along with other TV and movie productions, created opportunities for these talented workers to earn a livelihood and support their families.”

Jim Miller, President of Angel Aerial, a well-known production equipment supplier in New York, said: “Due to shows like HBO’s ‘Vinyl,’ and the film and television industry’s commitment to expanding their creative and artistic works by filming in New York, thousands of people have been able to develop careers that allow them to pay mortgages and put their children through school.”

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