Motion Picture Association Member Studios Awarded 193 EMA Green Seals for Sustainable Production Efforts

November 3, 2021

WASHINGTON – The Motion Picture Association’s member studios – Disney, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, and WarnerMedia – last month were awarded a collective 193 Green Seals from the Environmental Media Association (EMA), the leading nonprofit recognizing sustainability in the media industry. The EMA Green Seals acknowledge feature film and television productions that have implemented sustainable best practices to reduce their overall environmental impacts.

“Congratulations to all the productions that received an EMA Green Seal this year,” said Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association. “Our member studios’ collective efforts have exemplified the film, television, and streaming industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and creating more sustainable best practices. This work ensures our ability to create great content for generations to come.”

The EMA Green Seals are awarded to productions that meet or exceed a set of sustainability criteria on a scale of 200 points. Any production that earns at least 75 points is awarded a Green Seal. Additionally, productions that achieve a score of 125 or more receive a “Gold Seal.” Eighty of the 193 MPA member studio productions that received an EMA Green Seal, were recognized with the Gold Seal. In addition to their recognition for sustainability behind the scenes, many of the studios received EMA Awards for environmental storylines on screen.

This year, the Environmental Media Association also added an EMA Green Seal for Students, which is supported by the Green Film School Alliance, Sustainable Production Alliance, and PGA Green. Piloted by The American Film Institute Conservatory, the school earned 10 Green Seals for Students in this inaugural year. The addition of the Green Seal for Students was discussed during a panelas a part of the MPA’s Film School Friday event series.

A full studio-by-studio breakdown of EMA Green Seals awarded this year is available here.

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