New “I Make Movies” Video Features Stunt Performer Annabel Wood

July 2, 2017

Series highlights behind-the-scenes creativity in the motion picture and television industry

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), along with WhereToWatch (WTW), today released a short video profile of award-winning, female stunt performer, Annabel Wood. Her spot is the latest in the “I Make Movies” series that profiles the talented men and women behind major motion picture and television productions.

Since her first stunt for Skyfall in 2012, Ms. Wood has pulled off daring stunts in blockbusters, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Wonder Woman, to name a few.

“Being a stunt woman, it’s a very male-oriented job, so generally there tends to be a lot of work for the guys and less for us,” Ms. Wood said on her work in Wonder Woman in an interview with The Credits. “That was such a great experience because it was totally different being around so many women.”

Ms. Wood is also busy on the small screen, having spent the last three years performing major stunts on HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Her work scaling castle walls, jumping off cliffs, and running fearlessly into battle after battle helped Ms. Wood win a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2016 for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Drama Series.

“By shining a light on remarkable behind-the-scenes artists and creators, the ‘I Make Movies’ series celebrates the millions of hardworking people, who may never walk a red carpet, but are nevertheless critical to bringing great stories to life,” said Marianne Grant, the United Kingdom (UK) representative of the Motion Picture Association (MPA). “The profiles raise awareness of our industry’s positive impact on the livelihoods of creators, as well as the local communities that benefit economically from film and television production.”

Beyond employing thousands of talented men and women in direct and indirect production jobs, shows such as Game of Thrones support local businesses and generate revenue in the communities where they are filmed. In the UK, for example, the show has hired 992 cast and crew members, brought on local extras and stunt performers for 7,837 days of work, and contributed to 2,212 vendors and local businesses.

In the UK, the creative industries are a vital and growing sector, employing more than two million people and contributing more than £87bn to the economy, equating to more than five percent of UK GVA (about £10m per hour to the UK’s economy).[1] In the United States, the creative sector adds more than $1.2 trillion to the economy and supports more than 5.5 million direct jobs each year. [2]

To help safeguard America’s creative industries, the MPAA created WTW to encourage audiences to use genuine sites, apps, and other great legal sources of content and reduce piracy by raising awareness about its impact on jobs and the economy.

“Videos that feature behind-the-scenes workers like Annabel Wood are helping to spread the message to audiences everywhere that it matters where they watch movies and television shows – whether that be in movie theaters, on televisions, or streaming legally online,” said Marianne Grant.

To find out more about the creativity, innovation, and workers behind-the-scenes of the global movie and television industry, please visit The video profile of Ms. Wood was also featured on The Credits.

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