Film & TV industry leaders join Representatives Judy Chu and Doug Collins to host Capitol Hill event “Beyond the Red Carpet: Movie and TV Magic Day”

October 8, 2015

Film & TV Industry Leaders Join Representatives Judy Chu and Doug Collins to Host Capitol Hill Event “Beyond the Red Carpet: Movie and TV Magic Day”

October 8, 2015

WASHINGTON- On Thursday, October 8, 2015, Creative Rights Caucus Co-Chairs Representative Judy Chu and Representative Doug Collins participated in “Beyond the Red Carpet: Movie & TV Magic Day” in cooperation with members of the film and television industry. The series of trade booths and live demonstrations offered a behind-the-scenes look at the creativity, talent and innovation at the core of the American film and television industry, which supports nearly 2 million jobs.

Representative Judy Chu said, “For the second year now, I am thrilled to be hosting this event to showcase the creative industries and the many workers behind the scenes that bring entertainment to life and contribute $1.1 trillion to our economy. It is so important for my colleagues in Congress to meet these costumers, lighting technicians, make-up artists and more so that we understand the real impact of digital theft. These jobs are not just in Southern California – the creative industries contribute to the economies in all 50 states. And when these works are pirated, it makes it harder for the skilled workers on the sets to keep their jobs. That is why Congress must ensure that our country has strong intellectual property laws and protections in place so there continues to be an incentive to create and invest in future works.”

“Beyond the Red Carpet is a chance to showcase the contributions the creative people behind the scenes of the entertainment industry have made to our country,” said Congressman Doug Collins. “For my home state of Georgia, the film and television industry accounted for over $6 billion in economic impact last year. Georgia is proud to provide a friendly environment for artists, writers, directors, and those that support them to come do their work in our state. I am grateful for the opportunity to talk to some of these talented folks tonight and to discuss how we can help protect creativity and create opportunities for this industry to grow and thrive.”

“The creativity that drives America’s vibrant motion picture and television economic sector was on full display at today’s event. I’d like to thank Representative Judy Chu and Representative Doug Collins for making this event possible and for their continued hard work to protect and promote the rights of creators,” said MPAA Chairman and CEO Senator Chris Dodd.

Ruth Vitale, CEO, CreativeFuture, stated, “Today was an opportunity to celebrate the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes of our favorite films and television shows. All members of the creative community — whether in front of the camera or behind, above the line or below — are thrilled with the work Representative Chu, Representative Collins, and the Creative Rights Caucus have done to promote the value of creativity in the digital age.”

“SAG-AFTRA is proud to once again join our industry colleagues in showcasing the talent and creativity of those who work behind and in front of the camera to make movie & TV magic. Actors, sound recording artists, make-up artists, lighting techs, costume designers, and many more, all came together to peel back the curtain and illustrate the very real, very hard work necessary to create something magical. We thank Representative Judy Chu, Representative Doug Collins, and the entire Creative Rights Caucus for hosting the event and supporting the creative arts,” said SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard.

The full list of exhibits included:
• A behind the scenes look at Twentieth Century Fox/Blue Sky Studio’s “The Peanuts Movie” from the film’s Animation Supervisor and Lead Animator for Charlie Brown
• A live demonstration of cinematography in action
• Original costumes from Paramount Pictures’ 2001 release of “Zoolander”
• An Academy Award-winning make-up effects artist creating a monster from NBC’s “Grimm”
• A live performance of music from some of the latest films along with a discussion on how sound recordings are made
• A behind the scenes look at the innovative visual effects in Warner Bros. Pictures’ Academy Award-winning film “Gravity”
• A Lighting Technician from “Turn” and “Mercy Street” (upcoming PBS Civil War Drama)
• Live demonstrations of digital VFX from Deluxe’s Method Studios and interactive second screen experiences from Deluxe Media
• A fully immersive virtual reality adventure that gave guests a chance to go inside an action-packed scene and experience first-hand the thrill of Sony Pictures’ new film “Goosebumps”
• A chance to talk to SAG-AFTRA Actor Iqbal Theba, who played Principal Figgins on Fox’s hit series “Glee” and currently stars in the HBO series “The Brink”

In addition to Representatives Chu and Collins, the full list of organizations that participated in “Beyond the Red Carpet” included:
• 21st Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios
• American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada
• Creative Future
• Deluxe Entertainment
• International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
• Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.
• NBCUniversal
• Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
• Sony Pictures Entertainment
• Viacom
• The Walt Disney Company
• Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.