MPAA commends the completion of the Information Technology Agreement’s expansion negotiations

December 16, 2015

December 16, 2015

MPAA Commends the Completion of the Information Technology Agreement’s Expansion Negotiations

WASHINGTON – The United States and 52 other member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) today announced the conclusion to expansion negotiations for the Information Technology Agreement (ITA). The agreement will result in the elimination of over 200 tariffs on information and communications technology products valued at approximately $1.3 trillion annually.

A number of these high-tech products are exports of the American film and television industry, which was responsible for $15.8 billion in annual exports worldwide, according to the latest economic figures. In particular, the ITA cuts costly tariffs on Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and other film storage devices from up to 30% to zero.

The following is a statement from MPAA Chairman and CEO Senator Chris Dodd:

“The expansion of the Information Technology Agreement is an accomplishment of global and economic significance that will allow the film and television industry to boost trade in foreign markets and promote even more American jobs. We applaud U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and the entire USTR Team for their leadership in finalizing this agreement, and thank them for their continued hard work to increase our nation’s global competitiveness.”

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