Advancing Innovation Through Technology

September 19, 2013

I am excited to begin my work as the MPAA’s new Chief Technology Officer. Our six studios produce some of the world’s most captivating and imaginative stories, and have done so for decades. As technology advances, so do the ways these stories are created and viewed by audiences all over the world. Through constant innovation, the creative community is relentlessly working to dazzle moviegoers with new acquisition, production and distribution technologies.

But other companies have a role to play too. From the consumer perspective, there have never been more ways to watch your favorite movie or TV show, over 400 worldwide in fact, many of which are featured on MPAA’s In addition to the many online platforms created by our studios, we have partnered with many other distributors, from Youtube to Netflix to Roku to Amazon- to safely deliver great content to screens of every size.

As MPAA CTO, I look forward to further building our relationships with all of the companies and organizations in the media and entertainment ecosystem to advance our shared interests. As Senator Dodd said last year to our Silicon Valley colleagues, “We call them audiences, you call them users…but in the end we all report to the same people.” Working together, I am confident that we can bring our content to consumers everywhere while protecting the hard work of our industry’s creators and makers, and fostering an Internet that works for everyone.