New Captain Marvel Spots Tease Connection to Avengers

There’s a new Captain Marvel spot that connects Brie Larson’s superhero to Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. It’s very effective. We’re guessing most people will be even more enthused by the second new video, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

This first spot is about the fluid path to becoming a hero. For folks like Tony Stark, that path is forged through his brilliance and ability to build just about anything. For folks like Captain America, that path was found through his courage, commitment, and the fact that he was so puny he was the perfect test subject for the top-secret Super-Soldier serum that turned him into a perfect fighting machine. Thor? He was born into his powers. Spider-Man (unseen in this video)? Bitten by a radioactive spider, of course. And what about Carol Danvers? Well, she was a normal human who then had a run-in with an advanced, super powerful alien race called the Krees and became the hybrid, super powerful Captain Marvel.

Now that we’ve got the hugely positive early reactions to the film, we know that Captain Marvel is a very unique addition to the MCU. It starts with the fact that film centers on a female superhero. Carol Danvers’ heroic arc in the story left many moviegoers awestruck. The movie’s a cosmic trip, too, sending Danvers into space in the midst of an epic war between two alien races. Finally, it’s not only set in the 90s, but it’s also got that killer 90s soundtrack, too. The buzz has it that not only does Larson literally glow in the role, but Samuel L. Jackson, Latasha Lynch and Ben Mendelsohn are also all fantastic. But the real star is the cat, Goose.

So, to that end, Marvel released this new featurette starring Larson and Jackson. They’re talking about their characters, and how graceful, powerful, and iconic they are. Jackson is really over the moon about Larson’s performance and the character of Captain Marvel. Larson, who also has a slew of compliments, isn’t talking about Jackson. You see where this is going.

Captain Marvel blasts into theaters on March 8. Come for the epic sci-fi adventure, stay for Goose.

Featured image: Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL. Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Photo: Film Frame. ©Marvel Studios 2019


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