What to Expect From the Upcoming Star Wars Celebration

This weekend, countless Star Wars fans will be flocking to Orlando to celebrate the beloved franchise at the 12th Star Wars Celebration. It is an experience unlike any other, filled with costumes, exhibits, screenings, guests, panels, and so much more. Although we don’t know much about what might be revealed during this weekend, we can only imagine that there will be lots of amazing treats for galaxy lovers near and far.

It seems inevitable that this would be the weekend that Lucasfilm decides to premiere the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They often choose large events as an opportune time to drop trailers and teasers, and this would be a perfect time for them to do so. We can imagine that there will also be teasers shown throughout the weekend that might not be made readily available to the public (at least not right away).

We’re also hoping to hear a little bit more about Han Solo stand-alone film, which might be revealed during the Celebration’s 40 Years of Star Wars panel about the past, present, and future of the franchise. There is no official title or information released about this film and we really hope that a few tidbits of information are thrown our way about this exciting new venture.

There have also been rumors that the original cuts of the Star Wars trilogy have been remastered in 4K by Disney, and that these may be released for home video. If that is the case, we couldn’t be more excited!

We can do all the speculating we want, but we will unfortunately have to wait for updates throughout the weekend. We sure hope fans will be blown away with countless shocking reveals. We can only hope to learn more about what is to come and are thrilled for the possibility of surprises!