New Photos Reveal Logan Henchman in his Cyborg Glory

The official Logan Instagram account @wponx, as well as director James Mangold's Twitter feed, have been a great resource for new photos from the film. On Mangold's Twitter feed, we've seen new photos of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and some fantastic storyboards by artist Gabriel Hardman. On @wponx, we've met Laura, likely Wolverine's new charge (a mutant very much like him, only with a different ratio of claws and a whole lot younger), and now, a glimpse at the metal hand of one of the Reavers—cyborg toughs who are under the command of Donald Pierece (Boyd Holbrook). 

The Reavers are anti-mutant cyborgs that will be your prime antagonists in Logan, which finds Wolverine and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in old age, each of them ailing in their own way. Logan’s powers are greatly diminished (he now feels pain and can't heal the way he used to), and as the trailer hinted (with Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" no less), Logan's battling his constant pain the way he used to up in Canda—by boozing. Meanwhile, Professor X’s powers are just about out of his control, and the two of them are isolated as the mutant population has plummeted, and a shadowy organization called Transigen is on the rise with a program to turn mutant children into killing machines. This is where Laura (Dafne Keen) comes in—Logan is forced back into the action—one more time—to help her.

Speaking of Transigen, that's who Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce works for, as the head of their security team. Pierce and the Reavers were major antagonists to the X-Men in the comics, and it was Wolverine who got the worst of their malice; they crucified him and left him to die. This should give you some pause, considering Mangold has already said that the mutants in this film get hurt and get killed. Who knows what that means for Wolverine, as this is Jackman's last go-round as the character. 

Logan opens March 3, 2017.



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