Looking at 3 Incredible Moments From Battle of the Bastards

We've covered Game of Thrones extensively during season 6, from yesterday's look ahead at the final two seasons to our recaps of every single episode this past season. When we wrote about the penultimate episode "Battle of the Basards," we looked at not only the entire, sensational 69-minutes, but also detailed, thanks to HBO, how they shot the Battle of Winterfell. It's been a truly spectacular season, one in which we were all too happy to write about again and again and again.

Of course we're hardly the only source of GoT information and analysis. We also like to highlight when we find great stuff on the show around the web, and today we've got a live one for you; CineFix's look at "3 Brilliant Moments From 'Battle of the Bastards.'" 

What CineFix has done in the video below is take apart, in minute detail, what made the 30-minute battle so engrossing. CineFix is the best in the business at creating video essays that detail the many, many choices filmmakers and TV creators make that affect the viewer so profoundly, yet do so invisibly, without our noticing just how cleverly our emotions are being manipulated. The video includes a look at the many sources of inspiration that fed director Miguel Sapochnik and showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff's vision of this gruesome, spectacular sequence, the brilliant use of camera angles to put us right in the heart of the battle (think of the suffocating scene in which Jon is trampled by his own, terrified troops) and the way they constantly toyed with our emotions (it looks as if Jon might make it to Rickon—but we know he won't). CineFix does a great job of focusing on all the little, exacting details that made "Battle of the Bastards" one of the most thrilling, satisfying episodes of TV in recent memory. 



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