This new Keanu Trailer has 500% More Cats

As we wrote back in March, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's Keanu is a laugh riot. The story revolves around the fate of the titular kitten, who ends up at Rell's (Peele) apartment, immediately pulling him out of a girlfriend-inspired funk (he'd been recently dumped) as he falls deeply in love with the little feline. Only Keanu is stolen by some local gangsters (which mimics the plot device that gets John Wick back in the game), forcing Rell, with the help of his meek cousin, Clarence (Key), to impersonate gangsters so they can rescue the kitten. The film had a lot going on, but what it didn't have was enough cats. At least, that's the theory behind this recently released trailer, which has possibly over-corrected for the problem.

So, enjoy this cat-stuffed Keanu trailer.

Keanu purrs into theaters April 29th.



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