Avengers: Age of Ultron Gets the Sesame Street Parody Treatment

A lot to enjoy in this Sesame Street parody of Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. One is imagining living in a world in which people walked around eating vegetables on the street. One of the joys of Sesame Street in general is their completely bonkers voice work—listen to how, at 37 seconds in, one of the characters pronounces the word "asparagus" for a perfect example.

The parody, perfectly titled Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon, is about an evil Ultron-like artificial intelligence that plans on turning all the world’s vegetables into desserts. Iron Man is now Onion Man, Bruce Banner is Dr. Brownie, the Black Widow is the Black Bean Widow, Captain America is now Captain Americauliflower, and so on.

We can’t wait for Sesame Street’s inevitable parody of the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road, which will probably center around a glitchy fax machine and the rage it causes in an office—Bad Fax: Fury Room. 


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