Launching the Creativity Works! coalition

October 21, 2013

More than 150 creators, creative sector organizations and EU policy-makers came together this past week to celebrate the launch of Europe’s new Creativity Works! Coalition.  This new alliance of directors, publishers, designers, broadcasters, and creators of all kinds is seeking to promote an open-minded and inclusive debate among politicians, decision-makers and other important stakeholders about the importance of creativity in the digital age.

The creative community stands as a vital component of both current and future economic growth across the European Union. More than 14 million people make up Europe’s creative community.  IP-intensive industries contribute 26% of employment and 39% of EU GDP, within which the copyright-intensive industries play an important part. Europe’s cultural and creative sectors also make a significant social contribution, communicating cultural and social values, creating shared experiences throughout and beyond Europe’s diverse population.

Bringing together such a diverse group of people to champion creativity is a worthy endeavor.  Listening at the event to the various contributions made by creatives from different sectors, it’s clear we are all united by the one challenge we face: how to build an online world where artists can flourish; where the brightest ideas become winners; where content and the platforms that deliver it are equally important; and above all, where consumers have a stake in the process. This is the best contribution the creative sectors can make to cultural diversity, growth, jobs and ultimately the strength of the European Union itself.