Future Critics: Addie Scheer on Relatable Stories, Crying Boys, & Her Future Career

Perhaps you read this title and thought our newest Future Critic, Addie Scheer, just plain likes it when boys cry. Well, no. What Addie explains to us in a spirited discussion about films, TV, and more is that it’s important to see boys emote on screen as we can all relate to feelings of sadness, and it shouldn’t just be the girls showing that range of emotion in films and series. It’s a valid point!

This bit of wisdom is just a piece of what we learn from Addie, who riffs on some of her favorite films and shows, discusses what draws her to certain titles, the importance of diversity on screen, and what kind of movie she would make about the historic and often very upsetting last year and a half.

So who is Addie? Adeline “Addie” Scheer is a 13-year-old girl living in the Bay Area who loves baking, tennis, basketball and hanging out with her friends. The first movie she remembers seeing is Toy Story (an auspicious start to her film viewing!) and her favorite movie snack is popcorn with Skittles. Which, frankly, we can’t argue with.

Let’s get to Addie’s videos and learn from our wise Bay Area native.

First, here’s Addie on why she gravitates towards relatable stories, the importance of seeing boys cry on screen, and why diversity on camera is a big deal.

In her second video, Addie tells us what kind of film she’d make if she were trying to explain to future generations what living through this pandemic has been like. She also has some words of wisdom on why for many kids out there, and why there are plenty of reasons to be thankful right now.

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